January 2017 Highlights & Testimonials

Latest Lesson Highlights

Wang Meng Sifu Marriage

Chum Kiu Form

What Will I Learn If I Train With You?

Additional Training Venue & New Class – Warwick

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China Highlights Video Available

The Return From China

Training For June & July

There’s Always Another Level

When Do We Get To Train The Cool Stuff?

New Video – Knife disarm and takedowns plus headcam action shots!

Latest Lesson Highlights Video

Proteins – Did You Know?

Updated Attendance League Tables

New Venue For Mondays

Interval Training – A Model For Life

More Insanity – Pure Cardio

Using Wing Chun Drills in Combat


Highlights January 18th 2017

January 2017 Highlights & Testimonials

Thanks to the four people who stayed behind to give their feedback last Wednesday and rather than have the £25 gift voucher draw for contributors as originally planned, I have decided that each person that contributed will get something. Les