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Back to Training

Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the chapter that was China, its good to see some of the students getting back into the swing of things. For the Chum Kiu crew we have started part two with the ‘space-making’ adaptation of Lan Sau, Dung Toi – the ascending, assault interrupting step-kick and the Pauu Bong or throwing Bong that explodes from the elbow in a forward and upward arc at 90 degrees to the direction of body movement. Defence to the side is then changed with the elbow snapping inwards as the arm twists forward into a low horizontal fisted strike (chao Kuen).

Last night we looked at this section of the form in greater detail and examined street applications for each of the elements mentioned above.

We only managed 7 people last night which isn’t a great showing for a Wednesday, however a few people are seeing challenges with new jobs, changed shift patterns and changes in circumstances. Life sometimes gets in the way. Hopefully numbers will start to increase again next week.

Wednesday was also the first of Luke’s gentle warm ups and I have to admit, its much easier with two people teaching in class.

Saturday’s class will be the first where I travel from Warwick to attend and although there will only be a few of us, I plan to do some wooden dummy work in addition to the usual drills and combat routines.

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