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Lesson Highlights 21st August 2017

Here are the highlights from our double session last night. We covered chain punch and single/double hand grab and release from the front and back, plus some initial reaction drills with a blindfold, reacting to touch rather than visual stimuli. We also covered some basic attacks on the standing leg

New Gallery & FAQ Glossary

I Have now added a couple of new top level menu pages to the website. There is a student gallery where I will regularly publish images from our sessions and I will try to update this on a monthly basis. The page can be found here In addition I have

January 2017 Highlights & Testimonials

Thanks to the four people who stayed behind to give their feedback last Wednesday and rather than have the £25 gift voucher draw for contributors as originally planned, I have decided that each person that contributed will get something. Les Kemmett, Mark Wearing, Jack Balding and Dean Morgan will all