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Many thanks to all those who have been generous enough to sponsor the club’s future and bag a bargain to boot.

Top Pledging Sponsors

Equal 1st place goes to Dean and Les with JJ in third place.

Twelfth Backer & Platinum Sponsor

Dean Morgan
Dean has pledged a significant amount of money to become our Platinum Sponsor. Dean won’t be taking lessons though and this is his contribution to sponsoring Luke’s portion of the trip. Many thanks for your generosity Dean.
Les Kemmett
Les and Dean are our biggest sponsors to date, with a massive pledge yielding 96 public lessons, six private one to one sessions and a tee shirt. Thank you Les.

Sixteenth Sponsor

Mark Wearing
Thanks to Mark for his large pledge which secures him 96 Wing Chun lessons and a tee shirt and places him as our third largest sponsor.

Seventeenth Sponsor

Viv Morgan
Massive thanks to Viv for pledging to the cause and making her the equal 3rd largest sponsor.Unfortunatley I don’t have a photograph of Viv to post.

Eighteenth Sponsor

Mark Pettengel
This fabulous pledge came in with just 4 days to go and secures Mark 96 Wing Chun lessons. Mark took the last of these special packages of which 3 were created. Many thanks Mark.

Second Sponsor

JJ Mclaren
Thanks to JJ for his generosity. JJ got the second slot early on day two of the project and gets 48 lessons, one private lesson and a tee shirt.
I also posted two limited edition 4 packs of private sessions which JJ has snapped up the final one. All gone on that reward I am afraid. Thanks for being our third biggest sponsor to date JJ.

First Sponsor

Anthony Harrison
Anthony was extremely quick off the mark and first to pledge. Thanks for your contribution and striking first is not a bad strategy for a Wing Chun practitioner. Anthony gets 16 lessons and a tee shirt.

Third Sponsor

Jeremy Stone
Thanks to Jeremy for his great contribution. Jeremy gets 24 lessons, one private lesson and a tee shirt.

Fourth & Fifth Sponsors

Ian and James Duffy
Late afternoon on day two Ian and James kindly added significantly to the pot with a fantastic contribution. Their rewards? 24 public and one private lesson each plus tee shirts. Many thanks guys.

First Non Club Member to Pledge

Mike Boyes
Thanks to Mike Boyes for his pledge and for being the first non club-member to sponsor our little cause. Mike will be getting himself a Wing Chun tee shirt (although getting him to wear it might be a challenge).

Eighth Backer

Jack Balding
Big thank you to Jack who has taken advantage of 16 lessons and a tee shirt by pledging this evening
In addition Jack made a second pledge to bag himself one of the two additional rewards I posted this week – 4 private one-on-one sessions. Thank you Jack.

Ninth Backer

Paul Holland
Thanks to my cousin Paul who I see once every decade or so who pledged from his hospital bed. Thanks Cuz.

Tenth Backer

Carol Beaumont
Thanks to Carol for injecting a bit of new life into the campaign and who is rewarded with 16 lessons and a tee shirt.

Eleventh Backer

Carl Perkins
Thank you for your contribution carl. Much appreciated and a tee shirt will be winging it’s way to you soon.

Thirteenth & Fourteenth Backers

Sandra Holland
Stepping up to the plate this week were my two lovely sisters (see how keen they are to get rid of me for a month!) who very kindly donated to the cause. Very kind and much appreciated.
san ali
Their kindness took us over the £2K mark!

Fifteenth Backer

Kathryn Whatton
A big heartfelt thank you to Kathryn who wears many hats in her business life and is one of the busiest women I know. Kathryn has very kindly pledged to the cause and is donating her 24 public and 1 private lessons to a worthy cause. Thinking caps on as to how best to utilise them.