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January 2017 Highlights & Testimonials

Thanks to the four people who stayed behind to give their feedback last Wednesday and rather than have the £25 gift voucher draw for contributors as originally planned, I have decided that each person that contributed will get something. Les Kemmett, Mark Wearing, Jack Balding and Dean Morgan will all get a £10 Amazon gift voucher for their efforts. Thank you gents.

It’s been a long time coming and I’m pleased to say that I’m on top of the footage again, having spent two days editing the four hours of content down into a manageable 5 minutes. Some of the footage of the drills looks slow, however for many of you this was the first time using elbows so well done. Perfect slow practice is better than fast but inaccurate execution. Owing to the inherent danger when using elbows, these drills will always be sub-combat speed without body and head protection.

What is also apparent from the video opening, is just how much the club has expanded and its growth is purely down to the efforts of the club’s members. I want you all to know it’s very much appreciated. Thank you all.

Fight hard. Train easy.

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