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Latest Lesson Highlights Video

More Technical Training

The last three weeks have revolved around the more technical elements of training and with the increased class size on Wednesdays, coupled with the additional Monday sessions have resulted in me having less time available for video recording, editing and post production – hence the long delay between this and the last highlights video. Additionally, with the training becoming more technical and detailed it has made the videos less engaging and therefore of less value as a marketing tool. Where video still has a strategic part to play is as a visual aid in helping me identify areas of improvement that are difficult to perceive in the heat of instruction.

The Video

So here it is; just over three and a half minutes of highlights, topped and tailed using Adobe After Effects (my new software toy), adding slightly more sophistication to the overall look and feel. Of course having a static camera means I have to create a sense of movement in post production and as a consequence the quality of te footage can at times seem a little grainy.

Student Progress

What is clear to see is the progress that individual students are making and those that have been able to attend regularly are starting to see the benefits of frequent training. Hopefully with the addition of a third venue more of you will be in a position to attend.


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