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Monitoring Student Progress

It is certainly challenging running classes with multiple streams all practicing different drills and techniques and with ten to fourteen people in the hall, giving people the quality and quantity of one-on-one tuition and feedback they need to progress is an almost impossible conundrum.

We overcome this at WCSD by using two video cameras to record sessions from opposite ends of the hall. I use two cameras, namely a semi-professional Panasonic AG AC90 HD camera and the Panasonic HX-WA30. Occasionally I will use a Panasonic HD head cam to record arm flows from a point-of-view perspective.

Post-session, I analyse the footage recorded and review each individual’s progress and try and find constructive ways for them to improve. Students often get given DVD copies of the class so that they can see this for themselves.

I firmly believe this helps me to be a better instructor and helps students progress at a quicker rate, ironing out any errors in their basic approach before they get embedded as bad habits.


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