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More Insanity – Pure Cardio

I took one look out of the window this morning and based upon our fabulous spring weather, decided to stay and workout indoors. I love the mud and rain; just not when I have to get cleaned up sharpish to start work. Instead I reached for the box of Insanity discs and popped Pure Cardio into the Xbox.

Those of you familiar with Insanity will be aware that it is primarily interval training, consisting of 30 second bursts of exercise combinations into a superset, followed by a 30 second water break. Pure Cardio on the other hand bucks the trend and following the usual triple circuit 11 minute cardio warm-up and obligatory water break, we progress headlong into a set of 15 x 1 minute full-on exercises with absolutely no break (other than picking yourself up off the floor to get back into it). This routine is not for the feint-hearted:

Main Session:
60 seconds of suicide drills hit the floor – triple side step left touch the floor/repeat other side)
60 seconds of switch kicks
60 seconds of stance jacks
60 seconds of mountain climbers
60 seconds of stand to prone 8 press ups, 8 horizontal sprints
60 seconds of power jacks
60 seconds of scissor runs
60 seconds of hooks and skipping rope jumps
60 seconds of level 2 drills (jump vertically, down into prone position kicking the legs back – a sort of burpee)
60 seconds of power knees
60 seconds ski jumps
60 seconds of v press ups
60 seconds of forward and backward frog jumps
60 seconds of footballer’s feet mini sprints and real sprints
60 seconds of sprint / left and right lunge / sprint

This DVD should come with its own mop and bucket kit!
You will sweat.

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