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Post Training Roundup From 12th March 2016

Last Saturday we were forced to finish training bang on 10:30 in order to pave the way for some first aid training. As a result we exited via the fire doors and continued training in the sunshine for a further 20 minutes.
The actual session and footage from the day look really good and I apologise for the delay in getting video highlights sorted. My time has been taken up with preparing the video for the China Appeal and I would like to extend my thanks to Luke (Morgan) for giving up his spare time to assist with the filming and for creating his own script. He has confidence and capability beyond his years and this comes through clearly on the video.

I hope to launch the China Funding project this week providing I can finalise the marketing plan tomorrow between private lessons and public training. After that I will concentrate on putting together the new highlights video. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have that in place.

Train hard, fight easy.

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