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We only list products that we have tried and tested on these pages and as such we personally recommend them for quality and value.


Simply Wing Chun Kung Fu

Simply Wing Chun Kung Fu by Shaun Rawcliffe is in my view the definitive guide to Wing Chun in the modern age. For me it provides the ‘go to’ guide on everything from the first two empty hand forms. Shaun’s own Sifu was Ip Chun (one of Ip man’s sons) and in this 160 page book he unveils the basic vocabulary of Wing Chun with both English and Cantonese transliterations coupled with clear drawings and descriptions of the function of each movement. There are many differences across the various forms depending upon lineage and this can be a bone of contention between schools, however this book provides a clarity unmatched by anything else I have seen and it is the book used by this club. The book covers both “Little Idea” and “Seeking the Bridge” forms and as is to be expected, does not delve into “Thrusting Fingers”. Forms are broken down into their 108 individual elements and listed as 3 separate sections per form.

Wing Chun Kung Fu – The Wooden Dummy

Shaun Rawcliffe’s book introduces the wooden dummy or Muk Yan Jong form which is one of the six Wing Chun forms and ideal for practice when no training partner is available. The book details each of the eight sections using clear colour photographs. Again there are differences between this and other the dummy form of other lineages however the Wing Chun principles and maxims apply throughout. Once the basic shapes, sequence and patterns have been memorised, Shaun takes you deeper into understanding the key elements of focus for each stage and gives insight on levels of training and intensity. Importantly each section breaks out into photographed combat applications for many of the sequences.