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Video Support

The below videos are designed to assist students by augmenting their learning in class.

Chain Punch Challenge

See if you can beat this attempt at the most chain punches in 60 seconds. Here I manage 474 punches giving an average of 7.9 punches per second

20 Point Hand Drill

Chum Kiu

Siu Nim Tao

Key points are to relax as much as possible for the first section and focus on your abdominal breathing. Ensure the elbow doesn’t fly out when rotating from Tan Sau through Huen Sau to Jum Sau. In section two tr to release the Fa Ging energy in a relaxed but explosive way and watch that the arms are never fully extended.

16 Point Hand Drill

This drill is designed to make the flow between techniques a natural process without thought. It takes many months of practice to get to into flow. In class once the sequence has been mastered, we use a musical metronome to test the students’ speed at this drill.