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Wang Meng Sifu Marriage

I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate Wang Sifu on his wedding to the very beautiful Abby. They are to be married today 18th November 2016 and on behalf of myself and the club I’d like to extend our best wishes to them both. If you’ve heard me talk about our trip to China you will already know that Wang Sifu is both a formidable fighter and a great healer; a true spiritual and physical martial artists who demonstrated some eastern healing techniques on some injuries I had sustained (admittedly he was the one that did the damage to me!). These pictures are fantastic and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing them a happy, fruitful and prosperous marriage.
I am hoping we can steal a few days for him in the UK during summer 2017 so that he can train with us and I’ll keep you posted.

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