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What Will I Learn If I Train With You?

Wing Chun Demo Video

The video shows some examples of the sorts of activities we train within the club. We teach traditional Ip Man Wing Chun as our foundational principles and then incorporate some of the adaptations made by Wong Shun Leung and Leung Ting. The extensions, which adhere to Wing Chun principles, enhance the martial art by making them ‘street-ready’.

What We Teach

Within the club we cover all of the practical elements of Wing Chun including the three empty hand forms and the wooden dummy form. We practice street defence techniques, speed and power drills, fast hand drills, Chi Sau and Chi Gerk. With the exception of myself, everyone else in the video has been training Wing Chun for just one year and I think this speaks volumes about what the martial art can do for everyone who applies themselves and commits. This is also the reason that you won’t see any of the more advanced techniques on this site.

About Your Instructor

For my part, after 8 years of Karate, basic Krav Maga, and bits of Aikido with the military, I trained briefly under the infamous Master Wong using his remote grading system. After a short spell with WCI I met my mentor Sifu Nikolaos Gourgounidis, a former Greek kickboxing champion and a prolific no-nonsense street fighter who taught me the skill. I have since trained in China under the guidance of Wang Meng Sifu, a Master of JKD and Wing Chun.

I am assisted by Luke Morgan, a young, energetic and extremely fit supporting instructor who has a wealth of experience in Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Wing Chun.

If you’d like to give it a go email me at

Train hard, fight easy.

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